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M5 has developed its own methodical tools ensuring a professional and efficient customer support over their growth process steps.

In particular, M5 is specialized in :

  • Assisting  you to elaborating and implementing your strategy for growth,
  • Defining the milestones to pilot your company’ success (stage to growth methodology),
  • Coaching a results-driven team,
  • Preparing and closing financial deals,
  • Concluding strategic partnerships.

There are 3 categories of firms :

  • Hyper-growth companies : 5% of firms
  • Controlled-growth companies (CGS) : 5%
  • Non-expansionary companies : 90%


  • Controlled-growth companies grew their payroll by 40-99% during a three-year period (compared with hyper-growth firms that grew for more than 100%).
  • Controlled-growth companies represent 5% of the SMEs but create as many new jobs as the 90% (non-expansionary companies).
  • They have a smaller percentage of failure during a 12-year period (23% to compare with 30% for hyper growth and 43% for non-expansionary SMEs).
  • Controlled-growth companies are not avoiding growth, they just don't want to expand at more than a comfortable rate.