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Why partnering ?

Researches confirm that firms using strategic alliances achieve an up to 25% higher growth rate,
You are looking for commercial, technological, financial partners in Belgium or on the international market ? : M5 will help you :

  • defining your strategy,
  • identifying potential partners,
  • negociating alliances.


Some data for North America :

  • 59% of leading growth firms had formed strategic alliances.
  • Each company engaged in strategic partnering formed an average of 6.5 strategic alliances.
  • Firms involved in strategic alliances achieved an annual growth rate 24% higher than companies not involved.
  • Firms involved in strategic alliances reported 23% of their revenue coming from partnering.
  • 2/3 of the partnerships consist of joined selling or joined distribution or joined marketing of their products and services.
  • 59% of the contacts were made during industry conferences and trade fairs.
  • Only 17% involved professional advisors : this explains the significant under-utilization of partnering.

7 keys for a successful Strategic Partnering

Research confirms that firms using strategic alliances achieve up to 25% higher growth rates.

  1. Define with M5 your business plan for entering into a strategic alliance. Map a process that includes conceptualising alliances, finding the right partners, negotiating deals and executing alliances to generate added value.

  2. Utilize the best sources -M5- for finding the most compatible partners.

  3. Ensure that you have the necessary management capacity and skills needed to manage a portfolio of alliances. Entering into a strategic alliance is like hiring a group of people who need to be managed in planning, leadership, motivation and problem solving.

  4. When negociating alliances, don't try to "win" all the negociations points. Both parties must find themselves in a "win-win" situation for a partnership to be successful.

  5. Build several strong peer relationships between your company and each partnering organisation to ensure continuity in the alliance, as changes in management are inevitable.

  6. Seek absolute transparency in managing the alliance relationship. Over-communicate, if necessary, to be responsive to partner's requests.

  7. Cultivate a relationship of absolute trust by being equitable and fair with your partner.